Hong Kong Dash Suites- The Home of Luxury and Comfort

Hong Kong Dash Suites- The Home of Luxury and Comfort

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Hong Kong is known for its breathtaking attraction sites and activities. You cannot afford to visit Hong Kong and leave the next day. Research shows that all visitors have a fear of leaving the city without exploring much of these great sites. Therefore, each time you visit Hong Kong, you need one of the furnished Hong Kong apartments for rent, which are strategically located in the heart of Hong Kong attraction sites. Let’s have a look at top ten attraction centers in Hong Kong and see how accessible they are from the Hong Kong furnished apartments. They include Jardine’s Crescent Street Market, Victoria Park, Happy Valley Racecourse, Hong Kong Stadium, Ding Ding’ Trams, Jumping Gym USA, and Hong Kong Central Library. When you look at the Dash suites in Hong Kong which comprise of modern furnished apartments, they are located strategically, regarding proximity, convenience, and accessibility to the attraction sites and the business district center. These places include

The causeway bay Hong Kong, which hosts the largest stadiums for most sports and entertainment happen every season of the year. The furnished Hong Kong apartments for rent, at causeway bay, are located on the Peterson Street- the heart of causeway district. It is among the prime locations in Hong Kong where life is vibrant and fascinating. Causeway Bay is also a place for culture and entertainment as well as business. It is a complete town where you can stay comfortably doing business while enjoying life at the same time. The apartments at causeway are easily accessible with various means of transport available including the 24-hour taxi service, the MTR train, The Hong Kong Tramways, and the minibus.

Come to Jordan, and you will also find the Dash suites apartments. Jordan is also a town with many attraction centers and foreign delicacies. They are located along the temple street which is an iconic street in Jordan. It’s a suitable place for business people due to its proximity to business & industrial districts of Kowloon.

Don’t forget the wan chai, another suitable location for Dash suites. These apartments are located along the famous Jaffe Road. They are modernly designed to provide a second to none experience for everyone who comes to Hong Kong. The Dash suites are very close to business centers as well as cultural sites. There are also numerous methods of transport including the tramways, the MTR, minibus and the many taxis available around the clock.

 There are two variations of furnished Hong Kong apartments for rent.

  • The dash queen suites which are spacious with 200 to 400 square feet. They are equipped with spacious wardrobes, smart beds which are convertible, a queen-size bed, and beautiful linens. A 39’’ TV- plasma, walk-in showers fitted with shower products from Germany, and nice spacious windows.
  • The dash standard suites which are the most economical apartments. They feature 32” plasma; Apple TV equipped, custom-made linens for the queen size single bed by experts from Australia- The cortex and walk-in showers featuring Germany shower products. Here, you will have a fully furnished kitchen, with a fridge and stove.

The minimum days one can stay in Hong Kong apartments for rent is 28 days. These are very few days in such a beautiful place full of luxury; it’s not a surprise if anyone requests for an extension.

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