How to Move to the Mountains the Right Way

How to Move to the Mountains the Right Way

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Lots of people hope to someday move to a place where they can watch vistas of rolling mountains and feel the wind in their hair. The mountain living dream isn’t as far off as it might seem. Moving to the mountains is like moving anywhere else. It just takes some planning and the right attitude.

Pick a place and find a home

The first step in making your mountain living dream come true is to decide where in the country would be right for you. Think about if you want to be close to a city, or in an ideal spot for skiing. Travel to these areas first and learn their pros and cons. Many mountainous areas in states like Colorado can be incredibly expensive to move to. Think about other options like mountain ranges in North Carolina. There are some beautiful explored and unexplored areas in the United States.

Take some family or individual vacations to the places you want to live and get to know the locals. Limit your list down to three towns or so and hit the road! Take advantage of this excuse for a road trip. Look into NC mountain cabins because they can’t be beat when it comes to home structure, environment, and the views. You might as well go all out and move into a cabin, if that’s the mountain lifestyle you’re looking for.

Consider downsizing

Moving to a new place can be fun, but it’s way more difficult if you have too many items to bring with you. One of the best parts of moving is the opportunity to get rid of items you no longer use. Dragging something to the mountains that you don’t need just makes your moving load that much heavier. When you get there and start unpacking, you won’t want to be unpacking boxes of old stuff you don’t touch anymore.

Take this move to the mountains as a push to donate old stuff and get rid of the excessive items in your household. We often need a lot less than we think, and moving helps us discover the sheer amount of stuff we have.

Downsizing also helps you adapt to a new space and see that it really is enough room for you and your family. Large houses are nice but not sustainable in the long-term if your kids move out. Living in a smaller space in the mountains that fits you is the perfect move.

Consider new hobbies and lifestyle changes

Moving offers even more ways to start fresh, and this is especially true when moving to a majestic mountain range. What are some hobbies you always wanted to learn? Are there nature opportunities like hiking trails nearby? In a place like North Carolina, it’s often easy to find these opportunities once you start looking. Take advantage of nature and the possible seclusion of your new mountain home by writing up a list of lifestyle changes you want to make. There’s no better time than the present.

Moving is also a good time to turn over a new leaf and work on building the life you want. Switching to a healthy diet and creating new exercise habits can set a great tone for your new mountain lifestyle.

If you’re moving, think about the possibilities for all the nature and the atmosphere in your new environment. If you’ve always dreamed of living this type of lifestyle, make it a reality and take full advantage of turning over a new leaf.

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