Things to Consider when Buying a House in Kirkland

Things to Consider when Buying a House in Kirkland

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The Kirkland real estate industry features a variety of home options to cater for different types of buyers in the market. Home buyers often come with different needs, preferences and purchasing abilities that determine what type of home they will buy in the city. The good news is that the market is versatile enough to cater for everyone’s wants and needs. When buying a home in Kirkland, there are a few factors that buyers need to consider.


The location of the home is important to the needs of a buyer since it may be determined by factors such as work and school. Buyers should choose a neighborhood that is convenient in proximity to their work or school in order to avoid long commutes that prove to be costly and hectic. Location in Kirkland may also pertain to the distance from the lake waterfront. Notably, houses at the waterfront are often more expensive than those within the city. However, you may snag a handsome deal by buying an inexpensive fixer upper and incurring the cost of repairs while living in the house.

Type of home

In most cases, the size of the family tends to determine the type of home that a homebuyer will purchase. Families with young children often prefer single-family homes in order to enjoy the yard space where the kids will play. Families with older children may find Seattle condos for sale or townhouses since the kids are off to college or they have already moved out of the parents’ home hence less space is required. Single people and couples without children may enjoy the amenities that come with condos hence making this their first choice.

The type of home may also refer to the age of the house, which ranges between old and new. Some buyers prefer old homes due to their rich history and vintage appeal while others prefer new constructions whereby you are the first person to live in that particular home.


The square footage of a home is a big decision factor when buying a home in Kirkland. Space also entails the number of bedrooms and bathrooms available in a particular house. Homebuyersmay wish to have enough bedrooms for children and guests that visit. Some people hold rooms such as home offices, gaming rooms, and basements in high regard hence these spaces will be their deciding factor.


Different neighborhoods have different amenities in their vicinity. A neighborhood may have a wide range of restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, parks, and gyms for its residents. In Kirkland, neighborhoods that are near the waterfront come with the added advantage of offering water activities such as kayaking. It is important for homebuyers to come up with a list of amenities in order to make crucial decisions that will not affect the quality of life negatively.

Amenities such as gyms, pools, and maintenance services are great decision factors in Capitol Hill homes for sale Seattle and Kirkland as well.