3 Reasons to Move to Connecticut

3 Reasons to Move to Connecticut

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Long Island Sound

When thinking of glamorous places to live in the US, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles tend to come to mind. After all, New York and Chicago have sky-high buildings and provide the city life experience, while laid-back Los Angeles has beaches, celebs, year-round nice weather, and the ability to surf and snowboard on the same day during certain times of the year.

While Connecticut doesn’t receive nearly the same amount of buzz and glamour as the three destinations mentioned above, the Constitution State is a great place to live and has a lot  to offer. If you’re looking for a reason to move to Connecticut, then look no further than the three reasons below.

Connecticut has all four seasons (and beaches)

Not every state can claim to have all of the seasons, but Connecticut can. That means you can re-create Frosty the Snowman and play in the snow during the winter, take in all of the colors and flora in the spring, enjoy nice weather, hot temperatures, and outdoor fun in the summer, and experience falling leaves and light-jacket weather on a fall day.

On top of residents enjoying all four seasons, Connecticut has beaches that help to make planning summer weekend getaways easy, cheap, and fun. Beaches can be found along Long Island Sound, with Great Captain Island and Island Beach a ferry ride away.

Many places have all four seasons. Other destinations lure in tourists with beaches. Connecticut has a combination of both.

Long Island Sound

The education system

Whether you’re in search of accredited online and continuing education degree programs or want to enroll in an on-campus program, Connecticut is home to one of the best education systems in the country.

On top of being ranked No. 5 among “States with the best (and worst) schools,” Connecticut is home to Yale University (considered a top-three university nationally), among many others.

WalletHub also ranked Connecticut No. 3 in the topic of “States with the Best & Worst School Systems.”

Whether you have kids and want them to receive a high-quality education or are seeking a new degree for yourself, Connecticut is a top education choice in America. Your degree could lead to you joining a healthcare center in Cromwell, CT for a medical profession or a lawyer job in New York because NYC is a train ride away.

Big cities are a drive or train ride away

With Connecticut, you can have the best of both worlds when it comes to living in the suburbs and enjoying the city life. Not only is New York City close, but cities Hartford (the state capital of Connecticut and also where the Mark Twain House and Museum is located), New Haven (home of Yale University), and Stamford (Cove Island Park and beaches can be found here) are also located in Connecticut. Boston, the capital and largest city in Massachusetts, is a mere drive away.

Greenwich is one of the many towns that helps make up the “Gold Coast,” otherwise known as southwestern Connecticut. This area is about 50 miles northeast of New York City, with a train ride to Grand Central Station being around an hour away depending on where you are in Connecticut.

There are many reasons for you to move to Connecticut. Be sure to visit to see just a few interesting things that the state has to offer. However, because this state experiences all four seasons, it has a top-notch education system, and it’s close to major cities, it’s no wonder why you’re considering a move to The Land of Steady Habits.

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